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Skip to main content Monte Vista Middle School will be the model of academic excellence and innovation, where every student’s academic experience is engineered to equip them with the choice of college and/or career by providing universal access to rigorous learning opportunities that foster social and academic growth.
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For information specific to a given class, 

please click on the Math 8 or Math 1 tab below.


You will succeed in this class if you:

Bring your supplies daily, 

Participate during class,

Ask questions frequently,

Write detailed Cornell notes,

Use your resources wisely,

Practice concepts learned with homework daily,

Review to prepare for an assessment,

Make up missing assessments,

Apply the 8 math practices,

Follow all classroom and school rules. 


 High expectations for my students will be established in all areas of academics, behavior, and peer interactions.  The students will be held accountable for meeting the expectations.  


Parents and students may check grade status and missing assignments by following the link: 

Check Grades  

Grades are updated frequently.  

Homework: assignments are assigned daily and collected on Friday.  They will be entered Monday at the latest. 

Quizzes: Every Friday a short quiz is used to assess student's understanding and mastery of the concepts discussed for the week.


The best way to contact me is via e-mail at

 My phone number is 951-654-9361 x5303.  

If you would like a conference, please schedule ahead of time.