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Make Up Work

Dear Students,
If you miss a day of class you need to write a one page paper following the directions on the "Written PE Makeup" attachment or complete 30 minutes worth of activities on the activity log.
You have 1 week from the day you are absent to turn in any make up work. For example, if you are absent on a Tuesday, you have until the following Tuesday to turn in your work. 

Please remember to type your name, date, and P.E. period in the top right corner.

Email your paper(s) to your P.E. Teacher.

Turn in activity logs to your teacher in person because they need to be signed by a parent/guardian.


Monte Vista P.E. Teachers

Mr. Bautista-

Mr. McManaman-

Mrs. Downtain-

Ms. Frazier-

Have fun and work hard!
Monte Vista PE Department