the Monte Vista PE Department will begin PE clothing sales on August 16.
On August 16 & 17 students will be able to purchase PE clothes during school hours. 
After August 17, PE clothing sales will only be available in the office before and after school. 
Commonly asked questions:
Q: Who needs clothes? 
A: All students enrolled in a Physical Education class.
Q: Can students bring Monte Vista PE clothes from last year? 
A: Yes, provided they fit appropriately and are free of holes/tears.
Q: Can students purchase more than one set of PE clothes?
A: Yes, this allows for an easier transition while washing. 
Q: How much are PE clothes?
A: $15 for shorts and $10 for shirts. Locks will be provided by the PE department.
Q: Do students need both a shirt and shorts?
A: Yes, the shirt and shorts will have a location for their name.  
Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: Cash only, credit cards and checks are not accepted. 
Note: All students will begin dressing out on Friday, August 20.