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School Profile

School Profile 

Year School Opened: Our school was originally built in 1937 as San Jacinto's first high school. When the new high school was built in 1966, Monte Vista Middle School was established serving grades 6-8. In 1998 we became Monte Vista Elementary for grades 5-6. In 2005 the District reopened the school as Monte Vista Middle School serving grades 6-8.

Enrollment: 940 as of 10/2023

Grade Levels: 6th, 7th, 8th

Mission :
The Monte Vista Middle School staff is committed to creating a stable, close, and mutually respectful environment in which to provide a comprehensive learning experience for our students.  This will be done through standards-based instruction, proper placement of students in Language Arts and math, and use of cooperative learning and direct instruction, as well as providing equal access to the core curriculum for all students.

Students will strive toward literacy in all areas, learn to think critically, lead healthy lives, behave ethically, and assume the responsibilities as a member of the school family and a citizen of our community.

Our staff will reengage families and the community in the education of our students by providing for them a meaningful role in school life.


Instructional Goals:  To provide equal access to our core curriculum for all students and to meet their differentiated needs.  All students will be proficient in the four academic areas as measured by the state assessments.

Feeder Schools:

Clayton Record Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary, Megan Cope Elementary, and De Anza Elementary