November is Native American Heritage Month

Flyer Describing Native American Heritage Month
Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and educate about the rich Native American cultures, identity, history, and their stories of today.
Click on the links below to see some videos that commemorate the diverse Native traditions and stories.
California Native American Virtual Celebration
2020 CA Native American Day Celebration Day 1
1.- Min 3:38 Assemblyman James Ramos: Opening Prayer song
2.-Min 5:36 Paul Miranda, Pala Band of Mission Indians: Prayer, Song Dances
3.-Min 12.53 Carlene Chamberlain, Jamul Indian Village: Community Storytelling
4.-MIn 22:19 Shirley Laos, Trinidad Rancheria:  Basketry
5.-Min 40:08  Kenneth Childs III, Yurek Tribe, Master Fish Cook- Trinidad
    Rancheria:  Salmon Pitt Cook
6.-Min 47:33 Chef Ivan for Gona Day:  Cultural Sharing/ Food 
7.-Min 59:05 California Tribal Nations: Tribal Sovereignty
2020 CA Native American Day Celebration Day 2
1.-Min 00:41  Blessing: Karuk Song About Ishipishi Falls- Maymi Donahue & Julian Lang
2.-Min 2:00  Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria: Song 
3.-Min 5:57 Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria: Storytelling 
4.-Min 9:35  Joe McGinnis Sr: Poem
5.-Min 9:53 Tolawa Dee-Ni’ Nation: Language Preservation & Revitalization
6.-Min  16:21 Wayne Newton: Honoring Native Veterans
7.-Min 27:12 Tonia Jo Hallis Auntie Beachress:  Comedy Show 
Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians Heritage mins
Soboba History- Tribal Website The Luiseno of California- Jack S. Williams  Book Life of Kahuia Indians of Southern California in earlier times, 1961 15 min. Cahuilla Tribe Native Plants in the desert- 7 mins Native American First Look Brief look at Native American Civilizations throughout the Americas- Past and Present. 2:49 minutes  History of Native California ***More detailed History of Native American California 12:57minutes LIFE LAKOTA  The Cheyenne River Reservation.  Over-The-Rhine International Film Festival- Grand Jury’s Short Documentary WINNER.  Life Lakota captures the state of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota today. The Lakota culture is fading and their voices must be heard. Local leaders are taking action to educate the youth while organizations like the Sioux YMCA are helping kids stay above the influence of many of the extreme adversities that the reservation presents them. Lakota people are humble, proud, and full of faith, we are honored to help tell their story. 15:14 mins  Teen Inventor Navajo Meet the Teen Inventor Who Wants to Get the Navajo Nation Off Coal- science, solar panel. 5 mins   Inside an Apache Rite of Passage Into Womanhood 11:13mins  We Shall Remain Native Americans: We Shall Remain | LoVina Louie | TEDxCoeurdalene  18:27 mins  Serrano Traditional Spring Harvest Assemblyman James Ramos- Serrano Traditional Spring Harvest- Local Native Plants 1:32min Serrano Traditional Spring Harvest  Local elder, Ernest Siva- Brief story telling 3:56 mins  Two Navajo HS seniors during their senior year- Grades: 9-13+ Several short videos were young Navajo teens tell their stories on the reservation and High School  The Cherokee Alphabet 1:20 min Native American Children: Taken from Their Families- 2:43min  The US Government's Education of Native American Children1:48min  Trail of Tears- 5:42mins Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Captured in Rare Footage | KQED Arts  Brief video of Occupation of Alcatraz 5:18mins
Contemporary Stories:
6 Stories That Explore Native Storytelling and Contemporary Culture 
1.- Indie Lens Story Cast: Jewel's Hunt- This installment of ( Indie Lens Story Cast ) features a young woman who continues her family line of skilled hunters. Jewel, an Alaskan teen is coming of age as she balances modern life with Native traditions.
2.- If Cities Could Dance: Minneapolis- Traditional Native American hoop dancing meets hip-hop in Minneapolis, where brothers Micco and Samsoche are well known for their awesome hoop dance routines. Produced by local station (KQED in San Francisco, CA), this video takes us to a city rich in American Indian history while demonstrating the modern ways in which people tell their culture's stories.
3.- Monstrum: Windigo- This one might be scary, might be only suitable for High School students. (Digital Studios' Monstrum) brings us the story of a frightening monster that has gone from Native American legend to mainstream pop culture. Explore what the tale of this flesh-eater named Windigo teaches us about the spiritual beliefs and social values of North America's early Indigenous people.
4.- Native American: Hopi Origin Story- For the Hopi and other Pueblo peoples, after they emerge they meet the caretaker of the earth who instructs them to honor Mother Earth by taking care of her. This bonus clip from last year's four-part series (Native America) is worthwhile to revisit as a reminder of how deeply people and place are intertwined.
5.- Sound Field: A Tribe Called Red-  What do you get when you combine Native American drum circle sounds with electronic dance music? Electric Pow Wow is the name and A Tribe Called Red is the Canadian DJ collective making it. Meet them and hear the sounds Native culture travelling through time in this episode of (Digital Studios' Sound Field) .
6.- Native American Veterans- The month of November is special because we celebrate both Native American heritage and military veterans on Veterans Day. In 2017, (Wyoming Chronicle)(from Wyoming PBS ) listened to three veterans living on the Wind River Reservation as they recounted their stories of service.